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Image of THISELL - II - CD


CD * JellyFant Records * 2016

Sun Sets In The Weeds / If I Sing My Song / The Worlds last Cigarette / Will You Have Me? / Born To Know / Amounts Of You / Untitled #5 / I Know It Is True, My Love For You / It Happened To You / Black Bird

"II" is the second album by Swedish singer and songwriter Peter Thisell.

Supported by a cast of talented friends, Thisell's music invites the listener on a sweeping journey through cinematic soundscapes, where elements of traditional Swedish folk songs echo in an atmosphere of dark Americana.

This is music that transcends time and cultures, revealing the human experience through layers of sound, thought and feeling. The lyrics give form to Thisell's inner life through observations of the outer world, outlining tiny moments with large brushstrokes, which the band sympathetically illustrates in lush color.

This collection builds upon Thisell's debut, featuring material that was road tested over six tours of Europe with as many different ensembles. The musicians assembled here recall players from those tours as well as the first album and in this lineup they present the songs in their most realized forms to date.