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CD * JellyFant Records * 2015

Jump / King Of The Clowns / Raymond / Tree Of Sadness / Lonely Hunter / Demons / Braveheart / Before The Ride / Tagerod / Ursa Minor

The new album by Björn Kleinhenz is called Ursa Minor and we dare call it his magnum opus.
A collection of ten solid songs in wonderful versions by Björns newly formed band.

In the summer of 2014 the band set up a recording studio in an old barn in Mala in the beautiful countryside of southern Sweden. In an allowing and free spirited manner they spent a week putting down the songs now on this album.

String arrangements were written by Björn together with a friend and recorded with a quartet in Berlin. Once vocals and a few overdubs were done the album was ready. All according to plan; simple, rapid and beautiful.

When asked about his thoughts on the album Björn replies:
It is special because it´s a collective effort. Each member of the band is a close friend of mine and the trust we put in each other in making these songs amplifies not only the creative process in real time but also the result of the finished product.

I had a very strong song writing period leading up to these recordings and had also managed to write about subjects and events very personal. The sharing of these experiences with the band has had a strong impact on me and has at times managed to drag me out of the state of hopelessness in which the songs were often written. The making of this album has strengthened me.